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Water Quality

Get peace of mind knowing for sure you have optimal water quality in your Centreville home or business with the help of Service Specialties Inc.

Centreville Water Quality Services


We use and consume water around the clock. It’s a basic necessity for every household. But do you know what’s in your water? Several studies show that the majority of cities in the country have issues with water quality, including hard water and the presence of contaminants. These issues not only affect the taste and smell of your water but can also put your health at risk.

Get peace of mind knowing for sure you have optimal water quality in your Centreville or Chantilly home or business with the help of Service Specialties, Inc. We’ve been serving Northern Virginia with the best water treatment products and services since 1979. No matter what water quality problem you are dealing with, we’ll find a solution for you.

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Water Treatment Systems

We offer a wide selection of water treatment systems for your home. We also have point-of-use units that we install directly to the specific faucets or whole-house systems that we place within the property’s water line, so every faucet in the home has treated water.

The types of water treatment systems we install include:

  • Water filtration

  • Reverse osmosis

  • Water softener

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A Local Company That Cares about You

As fellow Northern Virginia residents, we are aware of the issues we have with water quality. The water treatment products we recommend are also the systems we use in our own homes. Rest assured we will not give you a recommendation that you don’t need. Service Specialties, Inc. prioritizes your health, comfort, and safety, so we take water quality issues seriously. Trust us to help ensure you always have clean, healthy water at home or your place of business. Water heater services and repair is what we love to do!

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