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Purchasing A Home and Need An Inspection?

No matter where you are in Northern Virginia, you can rely on us to perform these inspections promptly and thoroughly.

Centreville Plumbing Inspections


Prior to buying a home, it pays to have its plumbing inspected by a reputable company. Home inspectors don’t usually have in-depth knowledge about plumbing. Some plumbing issues can be extremely expensive to repair, so it pays to have a home’s plumbing inspected by a reputable contractor.

If you are in Northern Virginia, Service Specialties, Inc. is the local plumbing company to trust with a location based out of Chantilly, VA. We regularly perform plumbing inspections for residential customers. You can count on our experience, knowledge, and expertise for a useful report that will alert you to potential problems. With a comprehensive plumbing inspection, you can get the peace of mind you need before buying a home.

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What to Expect from Our Plumbing Inspections

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As the name implies, a plumbing inspection involves checking all your visible plumbing components. A significant percentage of a home’s plumbing components are underground or otherwise hidden from view. However, Service Specialties, Inc. can inspect its visible components to get a very good idea about its overall condition.

Our highly trained and experienced plumbers will inspect:

They will also check to see how various fixtures function and will assess things like water pressure and water flow. With this information, our Centreville plumbers can hand you a report that outlines the overall condition of a home’s plumbing system.

Alerting You to Plumbing Problems Quickly

It pays to know just what you’re getting when buying a home. Nothing is more frustrating than learning about a costly plumbing problem. After completing a plumbing inspection, we will generate a useful and informative report. The report will outline any potential issues that have been discovered. In some cases, we may suggest possible repairs and replacements. The report will give you a clear idea about whether you will be in for any major plumbing-related expenses after buying a house. This information will help you be a more informed buyer.

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When purchasing a house, you shouldn’t leave anything to chance. What appears to be normal to you can signal a major problem to a trained professional plumber. Service Specialties, Inc. has been in business since 1979. We have the necessary skill, knowledge, and experience to perform effective plumbing inspections for clients who are purchasing a house, real estate agents, or homeowners who just want to stay on top of plumbing maintenance. No matter where you are in Northern Virginia, you can rely on us to perform these inspections promptly and thoroughly. If we find any problems, we will be happy to develop solutions for you as well.

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