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6 Tips to Prepare Your HVAC Unit for a Snowstorm

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6 Tips to Prepare Your HVAC Unit for a Snowstorm

The winter weather is unpredictable, and when snow is in the forecast, you never know if it’s going to be a light dusting or a complete blizzard. The best way to combat a snowstorm and keep yourself safe from cold temperatures is to prepare your HVAC unit. While your heating and cooling system is a durable piece of equipment, it still needs a little TLC from time to time when the weather is at its worst. To help you prepare your HVAC unit for a snowstorm, here are 6 simple tips you can start applying today.

#1: Schedule a heating system inspection

A heating system inspection combats future repairs and keeps your unit working at optimal levels. A technician checks everything from the motor to electrical switches to belts, and repairs are made before a situation even arises. Tune-ups and system inspections are cost effective and save you hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars in the future.

#2: Check your home’s insulation

Your HVAC system can run more efficiently when you have your home’s insulation in check. Look for drafts around windows and doors, and seal up any air leaks. Also, check the attic to make sure you have the right amount of insulation. When your heating and cooling system isn’t competing with the outdoor air entering the home, you’ll save money on your energy bill and keep it from overworking during a snowstorm.

#3: Have extra filters handy

When outdoor temperatures are frigid, your system will run more, causing filters to fill up faster. Be sure you are checking filters more frequently, and changing them accordingly. Even if you are strict about replacing them on the first of the month, take the time to complete this step when snow hits the ground. 

#4: Keep vents clear

Whether your teenager throws clothes over their bedroom vents or you have furniture covering them up throughout the house, when the weather is at its worst, you’ll want to make sure these are clear. Limiting the airflow due to obstructions over vents can make it difficult to reach the desired temperature, and it can cause premature HVAC repairs.

#5: Consider investing in a generator

If you’re worried about the power going out when a snowstorm comes through, consider investing in a generator to keep your HVAC unit working. If you aren’t sure what generator options are best for your system, ask an HVAC technician for guidance and professional advice.

#6: Take a good look at your thermostat

Give your thermostat a little attention before the next snow storm to ensure it is reading the indoor temperature correctly. You can also invest in a programmable thermostat for more control over temperatures when you’re not at home. When the weather does reach extremely low temperatures, make sure you’re setting the indoor temperatures realistically so that the unit can keep up and your home stays safe.

Let SSI help prepare your HVAC unit before the next snowstorm by taking advantage of our current winter specials! You can schedule a heating system inspection for under $75 by calling (703) 968-0606 or contact us now!

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