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What Is LeakSmart?

LeakSmart helps detect leaks that are present in your plumbing or water appliances. When it detects excess moisture, an alarm system sounds the call.

LeakSmart in Centreville


Save big on a whole-house water alarm system from Service Specialties, Inc. Considered as one of the most intelligent and effective leak and flood protection systems, LeakSmart gives you the peace of mind you deserve. Our local company is proud to provide installation and service of this top-quality system.

Even better, we’re offering an incredible package to our customers that includes:

  • LeakSmart valve

  • 4 sensors

  • Wireless hub

  • $200 discount off installation

To take advantage of this package, contact our team online!

Is Your Home Prepared?

Leaks in your home can lead to flooding, which can cause substantial damage with lasting—and expensive—effects. From water removal and moisture control to construction repairs and mold control, cleaning up and getting your life back to normal after water damage can be a nightmare. Luckily, Service Specialties, Inc. has you covered with LeakSmart.

What Is LeakSmart?

LeakSmart helps detect leaks that are present in your plumbing or water appliances. When it detects excess moisture, an alarm system sounds the call. This advanced monitoring and notification system can potentially save you thousands in home repair costs if leaks aren’t prevented early.

The benefits of LeakSmart include:

  • Complete home water protection – Monitor and control your home’s water activity from in-wall leaks to appliance leaks when paired with strategically placed LeakSmart sensors at high-risk appliances.

  • True 24/7 leak protection system – Operates off a smart home protocol with a battery back-up that functions and protects even when power and Wi-Fi are down.

  • Automatic 5-second shut-off – At the first sign of unwanted water, the LeakSmart sensor springs into action, sounding an alarm, sending an alert, and prompting the LeakSmart valve to shut off the main water supply.

  • Advanced water flow analytics – Monitor the water flow and provide insight into your hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly water usage, making your home more water-efficient.

The #1 Reason You Should Install LeakSmart

Most people are unaware of leaks when the evidence is small—that is until they grow too large and become a huge problem. A leak detection system allows you to catch leaks when they are still small and in their early stages. This allows you to repair the leak before it causes significant damage and before it leads to flooding and mold blooms.

LeakSmart also allows you to:

  • Set limits and track daily, weekly, and monthly water usage

  • Monitor current water flow rate in real-time

  • Identify leak location with LeakSmart sensors

Plus, LeakSmart is made to last with:

  • Patented, motorized, solid brass full port valve and stem

  • 100% protection with battery backup – works even if power and Internet are down

  • Aligns with Google Assistant, Google Nest, Amazon Alexa, Control4, Wink, and SmartThings

  • Automatic 22-day cleaning cycle to prevent mineral build-up and ensure the system operates efficiently

Are you ready to protect your home against leaks and flooding? Here at Service Specialties, Inc., we are proud to offer LeakSmart technology to Centreville and Northern Virginia home and business owners.

Contact us today to obtain an estimate or schedule an installation appointment.

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