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Why Is There A Whistling Sound Coming From My Bathtub Faucet When I Turn On The Shower Diverter?

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Last Updated on: January 9, 2024

Your shower diverter is the name of the device used to change the flow of the water from the bathtub faucet to the showerhead, or vice versa. Sometimes it can make strange noises, and a common complaint we receive from homeowners is that their bathtub faucet often whistles or squeals when they turn on the shower diverter. This is actually one of the more simple bathroom plumbing issues we tackle, and we’ll explain why this happens.

The most common cause for a squeaking noise whenever you turn on the shower diverter is loose parts in the bathtub faucet itself. It may be a loose screw or valve, or even some debris getting caught. The water flowing against that loose object causes vibrations and is the likely cause of the pesky sound. This happens usually in bathtub spout with diverter.

If you don’t think this is the reason for the noise, there may be other reasons your shower is creating it. Normally, if you hear squeaking, squealing or whistling in plumbing, it means that water flow is being suddenly constricted. In other words, it goes from having lots of room (in a pipe for example) to being forced into a much smaller area very quickly. 

One common reason for squeaking is a faulty mixing valve cartridge. This is what controls the flow of hot and cold water. However, if the noise only appears when you turn on the shower diverter, it’s unlikely that this is the cause of your issue.

Another common reason for shower squeals is a faulty showerhead. This is another place where water flow changes suddenly. 

If your shower is making whistling or squeaking noises when you turn on the shower diverter, it’s likely that one of these three common problems is the cause. If you need help replacing a shower part or figuring out the problem, give us a call over at SSI! A trusty and experienced plumber can be there to help solve any plumbing problems your household faces. Contact us at Service Specialties. or book a service call online today.

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