Professional Sewer Repair in Centreville and Northern Virginia

Call now to discuss your needs and learn more about your options for sewer repair. Serving Centreville, VA and the greater NOVA area.

Trouble in the sewer line can result in recurring drain problems, toilets backing up, and problems with multiple drains throughout your home. Service Specialties, Inc. offers professional sewer line repair services throughout Centreville and surrounding areas in Northern Virginia. We will take the time to diagnose the problem, explain your options in detail, and ensure that the repair job is completed safely and efficiently.

Signs It’s Time to Contact Our Centreville and Northern Virginia Sewer Repair Team

If you are experiencing the following problems, contact our team for immediate service:

Persistent drain or toilet issues

Slow drains, changes in toilet water level, and clogged or backed up toilets all signal an issue with the sewer line that will require immediate professional attention.

Sewage smells in or around your property

Leaking or damaged sewer lines can cause waste to back out of your drains or toilets or leak onto your yard. If you are starting to smell sewage odors in or around your home, call our Centreville and Northern Virginia sewer repair experts for immediate help.

Cracked foundation

If there is a leak in the sewer line under your home’s slab foundation, it can cause the soil surrounding the line to shift away and result in the foundation cracking or settling. If you notice large cracks in your foundation, there is likely a slab leak that requires professional detection and repair.

Greener patches of grass in your yard

Do you notice patches of grass that seem greener and healthier than other parts of your yard? This may be due to waste leaking onto your yard. If you notice a strong sewer odor as well, there is likely a sewer leak in your system.

Get Help Identifying Sewer Problems With a Video Pipe Inspection

One of the first things we will need to carry out before working on repairing your sewer system is to figure out the cause of the problem. This will involve snaking a sewer camera through the line to check for leaks, cracks, collapsed pipes, blockages, and other problems in your sewer line. Once we have identified the source of the problem, we will be able to determine the best solution and discuss your options for sewer line repair.

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Schedule Safe and Efficient Sewer Repair Services in Centreville or Northern Virginia Today

At Service Specialties, Inc. we are committed to delivering safe, smart, and accurate sewer line solutions for our customers throughout Centreville and NOVA. Our team has the skills, training, and technology to resolve your sewer line problem without hassle. Whether you need to have your system repaired or you require a full sewer line replacement, we have you covered.

Contact us today to schedule professional sewer repair services in Centreville, VA or surrounding areas in Northern Virginia.

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    I love the friendliness and professionalism of the SSI technicians. In particular, Joe S. has been servicing our home for several years. He is very knowledgeable, and always honest and direct. He provides information on what issues are and how to proceed with remediation without pressuring us into making a decision. He keeps us well informed so we can make the best decision for ourselves.
    Daniel Pegues
    Daniel Pegues
    14:24 26 Jul 21
    Very friendly and knowledgeable. Clint kept me informed of what he was doing and why throughout the process. I would recommend them to my loved ones.
    Brandon Hardin
    Brandon Hardin
    15:03 21 Jul 21
    Great service from a great technician.....
    Stan Reid
    Stan Reid
    22:50 19 Jul 21
    Joe is always our tech and he is very knowledgeable professional and friendly.When you call you talk to a real person not a computer and the customer service is top notch!
    courtney m
    courtney m
    21:49 19 Jul 21
    They did a Good job.
    Paulos Natnael
    Paulos Natnael
    15:11 19 Jul 21
    I’ve done business with SSI for years and they do a great job!
    Mary Meekins
    Mary Meekins
    18:39 15 Jul 21
    I needed a leaky valve replaced and an inspection of the rest of the plumbing in the house per my service contract. The gentleman who came out was polite fixed the repair promptly. He was very courteous even when he had to crawl to get to get into the space where the water heater was.
    Nancy Dolan
    Nancy Dolan
    16:55 09 Jul 21
    Joe was super friendly and super fast!!! And, our AC works again…yay.
    Timna Wyckoff
    Timna Wyckoff
    20:58 06 Jul 21
    Great customer service. Received a text the day before with the tech's arrival time. Our tech Joe did a wonderful job! Highly recommend.
    Tracy Patterson
    Tracy Patterson
    19:03 06 Jul 21
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